W Harold John

BS EN ISO 9002 Registered Firm.

BS EN ISO 14001 Registered Firm.

BS EN ISO 18001 Registered Firm.

Members of the BMRA

Founded in 1932, the W. Harold John Group initially concentrated its activities in the merchanting of iron and steel scrap and its supply to the many locally situated steel works and foundries.

This remained the mainstay of the Group's operations until the move to a larger, purpose built site in Newport in 1971, a site which is still the Headquarters and Trading Centre of the Group today.

This move allowed expansion of the Group's interests into trading non-ferrous metal scrap both in the domestic and international market, where most emphasis is based on aluminium and copper scraps.

Lt. Col. W. Harold John OBE

Subsequent years have seen further expansion into factory clearance of both scrap and waste and in-house processing of scrap at source.

The W Harold John Group are members of the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) and are BS EN ISO 9001-2000 & 14001 registered.